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Sir Kashif
Sir Kashif

Introduction to faculty Members:

Sir Kashif:

I am Muhammad Kashif. I am a computer teacher and a Spoken English teacher.

I completed my MS (Computer Science) degree from Punjab Group of Colleges, Faisalabad. I got 3/4 CGPA. I have a craze for computer and English.

I have experience in computer teaching in different institutes from lower to higher levels. I have worked as a computer instructor at “VTI, Gojra (Vocational Training Institute, Gojra), IT incharge at Chishti Group of Colleges, Faisalabad. And now I am running my own academy where we conduct different courses like (Computer courses, Beauty parlor courses, and Spoken English Courses as well.)

I have got training in Spoken English from famous national and international teachers (like Sir Asad Yaqub, Lahore, Sir Habib Alwi, Faisalabad, Perfectly Spoken certification England, etc). I love to teach computer and English Language.

I am also a you-tuber (I am running a youtube channel with the name ” Abdul Qadeer Computer Academy”). I am an experienced teacher with more than 12 years of teaching experience. I have trained so many students who are now working in different departments in government and as well as the private sector. You can check our computer portfolio


Sadaf Kashif:

I am a beautician. I am the wife of Sir Kashif. I have more than 12 years of beauty parlor working experience. I can prepare outstanding brides. I completed my beautician course at “Vocational Training Institute, Khanewal. Then I did a job in a beauty parlor and polished my skills. Now I am running my own beauty parlor and enjoying my work.

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